You are the best influence on me. I need you.

Damon Salvatore

To some this may sound like a beautiful declaration of love, but to me it sounds like an unhealthy DEPENDENT relationship. Elena should be good in his life, but not the ONLY good. He needs to discover himself, find himself, be good for HIMSELF. And stop trying to find the motivation, the inspiration, his will to be good and live on in SOMEBODY else. 

Michael Trevino. Oh you talented and very attractive man…

I’m so glad this character is back! I LOVE Tyler Lockwood, and Trevino is TALENTED! You forget when you go a whole SEASON without seeing the guy! Welcome back, Mike! Hope we get to see your character without Ms. Forbes for a while! He’s too good to have to depend on a SHIP for development!

All awards tonight go to Trevino, Smolder, and Ms. Nines.

I must SAY! Tyler, that was some ANGST!!!!! And I loved EVERY MINUTE of it! Until, my baby Stefan came and ruined it! 

Damon was being a straight BABY, as per usual! But it was some GREAT acting nonetheless! He is also looking extra specially DELICIOUS this season, if I do say so myself! 

And LOL!!!! Crowns, tiaras, roses, trophies - just present them ALL to KP! She wrecked utter HAVOC! Makes me afraid for the rest of this season! :o In the course of a couple of hours she obliterated a heart, ANND helped epically end a relationship! Watch out, Mystic Falls! Watch out!

Dang Aaron. I was really rooting for you.

That awkward moment Katherine is “dead,” and is STILL to “blame” for Damon’s horrible decisions.

I could actually see his stans arguing this. And HIM for that matter. Shaking my head. Take some initiative, babe! I must say that karma is SOMETHING! Torturing Miss Pierce one moment, and then having her rip his heart out the next! :o Every action has an equal and STRONGER reaction, Mr. Salvatore! 

I just hope my love can REALIZE this, because that is truly the ONLY WAY he will finally grow! People can inspire and influence your decisions at BEST, but it’s YOU who decided to actually act upon it, so it’s you to blame! Stop giving Katherine Pierce so much darn credit! Like you told Elena tonight, in regard to yourself!!! :o

Okay honestly, Stefan, I LOVE you SOOOO much!!! But punching Tyler?

Not here for it.


And what were the two of you doing?

LOL! That awkward moment it looks like you’re lying when you’re actually TELLING THE TRUTH! :) Somewhat! ;)

On a brighter subject, I am absolutely LOVING me some Scott and Kira!!!

Can we say ADORABLE! 

That somewhat funny (but not hilarious, because seriously it’s been TOO LONG since Stelena) moment you realize what the writers are doing with this “take the high road” Stefan.

I mean it has to be done for them to give Delena a SNOWBALL’S chance! Because if Stefan pulled a Damon, and relentlessly went after his “destiny,” that ridiculous ship (DE) would be over in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!


I mean think about it! SO TRUE!

Well, on a brighter note…

They DID only seem to give fan services to pairings they had NO INTENTION of making canon, ie: Klaroline, Mabekah, Beremy (the way Caroline found out about them OOC, and FANSERVICE!), Steferine, heck even DELENA! :/ So maybe the fact we weren’t included in this looney bin of an episode is a blessing! Bamon is canon, and on the way! ALL ABOARD! 

Notice there was also no STELENA in this episode! Not truly.

On and POPPIN! :D Here they come! Look out!

At least that’s the way I’m going to look at it…