I can’t handle the way Bonnie looks at Damon.

I NOTCIED THIS AS WELL!!!! But not only just Bonnie, the way DAMON looks at hr so ATTENTIVELY! The girl who’s “the most annoying person in the world!” :D This carosel moment was just a little treasure of BEAUTY!


I can’t handle the way Bonnie looks at Damon.

I NOTCIED THIS AS WELL!!!! But not only just Bonnie, the way DAMON looks at hr so ATTENTIVELY! The girl who’s “the most annoying person in the world!” :D This carosel moment was just a little treasure of BEAUTY!

The number of times they spoke each other’s names last night?!?!

SOOO much material, I can’t WAIT to do a Season 6 Bamon “Say My Name” vid! :D

And each time they said it, my heart fluttered, and somewhere a dog and cat became friends! :) IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Oh! And in case you haven’t seen my past vids, check em out! :D




I also found it interesting how when Bonnie kept asking Damon what he was going to say to Elena once they got back…he kept talking about Bonnie.


LOL!!!!!! I noticed the same thing!!!!!!!!! It’s like she’s wrapped up, around, across, up and down, and all up IN his mind!!!! :D I LOVED IT!!!!! SCREAMS conflicting emotions and unknowingly falling in love!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Guys, I can NOT with this —


Because I am sitting at my computer, staring at these gifs, reliving this Bamon angst… Remembering Bonnie saving Damon… Bonnie GETTING HER POWERS back to save Damon!!!!… Damon apologizing… :o

I’m staring at this promo gif that looks like Damon defending Bonnie, and I. AM. BARELY. HOLDING ON!!!!!!! :o I’ve got goosebumps up and down my harms, my heart is pounding, and there is a lump in my throat, because, guys… I believe WE ARE LITERALLY WATCHING THEM FALL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I even loved your hate and your hardness.

Chills. They’re multiplying. *faints

This TVD Episode for me










You seem so likeable now, I like the new you, don’t change.




I agree with EVERYTHING you said!!! Like, it’s so REFRESHING!!! There will be like these GENIUS posts, and then they posts something about poor Caroline, or how “epic” Steroline is, and I’m not able to “like” the AMAZING post, just because of this! :/ Nice to finally be able to click on that heart! I agree with EVERYTHING! You are spot on! Caroline was being an emo whiner this episode, if you ask me, and she just needs to have several seats! I’m just NOT here for Steroline, and I’m not sure I ever will be. :/

Shout out to @too-gorges for also being “too-brilliant!” ;)

She has correctly and COMPLETELY finished my Bamon crossword!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You had some tough comp too, girl! bamonsdimension inboxed me the puzzle only TWO HOURS in, and had ALL of them BUT ONE correct! :o

This was not an easy win my friend, so be proud of yourself! I am! ;)

I can’t thank you ENOUGH for participating! ANND your dedicated video will be coming soon! Prayerfully no later than tomorrow night! :D  

In the meantime, keep at it, my flawless bamily! See if you can rise to the challenge and solve the puzzle as well! Hopefully it’ll be some fun for you! :) Again, thank you SO MUCH for participating! God bless!

I KEPT hearing this song in my head whenever I watched the Bamon in the 6x03 Director’s preview! So here you go! Watch the moment on REPEAT! Lord knows I love to! :D Also! Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who’s participating in the Bamon crossword I created! It makes me SO HAPPY that people are enjoying it so much!!! :D Hope you enjoy this as well! :D God bless!

BAM! It’s Bamon.


In honor of episode 6x03 tomorrow, I’m gonna leave this here! My gift to the spot! PLEASE enjoy, as it was not was easy creating as I first anticipated! Lol :D

Also! It’s not much, but… As I’m unable to make the puzzle any bigger, the first to inbox me all of the correct answers gets a BAMON FANVID dedication when I vid the MESS out of tomorrow’s ep! ;) Have fun, my loves!


2. On account of having “a BLANK to kill,” Damon WILL touch and escort you unnecessarily, Bonnie.

4. Going to college for sorority girls is plenty grounds for one sassy witch to call you this.

5. Bonnie was not PLAYING THIS. Maybe the witches just didn’t like Damon being there…

7. Damon would rather Bonnie stay on point, than this Kevin Williamson movie.

9. The death of a threat and BIRTH OF A FANDOM all came about with one caress of this.

10. One grand entrance was made with THIS PERSON, the moment Bonnie first laid eyes on Damon.

11. He shouldn’t have fed her his blood and saved her life, if he was so THIS.

13. Blue finder. Bubblebee’s great Uncle… Bonnie’s had shotgun twice.

15. “Enjoy” it, Damon said, at THIS EVENT, where his lost manners were found.

17. First Bamon car trip! Spent riding into the sunset in THIS PERSON’S vehicle.

18. Bonnie is quick to inform, saving Caroline does not delete, backspace OR THIS to “the bad” Damon’s done.

20. Request FOR THIS? Denied. Bonnie knew Damon would help anyways. “For Elena.”

21. It is proven. One homicidal vampire can’t help but stare on impressed when his witch returns from grief, knowing how to inflict this.

24. According to Bonnie, whenever Damon makes THIS, someone else suffers.

25. Staring deeply into Bonnie’s eyes, Damon assured her he’d keep her safe, with the words, “Klaus does not get to BLANK tonight.”


1. Damon agreed with Bonnie, like a dutiful husband. Alaric tagging along was too big of THIS.

3. French sweet treat. One swell nickname…

4. The Affect of Bonnie Bennett: Damon stops all teasing talk of cremation, when she tells him not to be this.

6. Bonnie introduced Damon as her friend to THIS PERSON.

8. The very first adjective Damon ever used to described Bonnie.

9. Can you blame Bonnie for “judging again” when Damon wanted to protect this?!

12. It was spoken neither one of them have THIS for each other. He tried to kill her after all…

13. The perfect country for one epic embrace.

14. Damon’s three lettered display of manners, issued before the dance that proved he cared!

16. Dealing With Distraught Witches 101: Do NOT tell them not to do THIS. You might end up on fire.

17. Increment of time Damon gave Bonnie to “appreciate the sight of him like this…”

19. Turn one’s Mother into a vampire, and one MIGHT not want to do a locator spell with you DOING THIS.

22. Saving Bonnie’s life, and letting Alaric die with dignity are things that are THIS, if you ask Damon.

23. Impressive “parlor trick?” I think not. Author surname of Damon’s favorite book.

24. According to Damon, being brainwashed and THIS is not a good look on Bonnie.

Hey, guys, remember this?!


And this









Let’s not forget it, alright? My BEAUTIFUL Bamily, let’s remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! Everyone’s not going to see the blissful MAGIC of Bamon, but you know what? Their lost! ;) WHO CARES?!?! We’re too busy wearing plaid, eating pancakes, snuggling teddy bears, rocking aviators, and solving crossword puzzles, BECAUSE THAT’S HOW OUR FANDOM ROLLS!!!!!!!!!


What’s the biggest way to fuel a bully? Show them you CARE! Let them know they AFFECT YOU! Remember that, Bamily, when we posts and share their negativity. That crap is like freaking marrow to their bones!!! :o

So let’s not let them get us down! Why would we? Our ship is STRONGLY SAILING this season, epically taking the WORLD by storm!  Check out @somergrahamismarried’s tumblr posts from twitter, if you don’t believe me! ;) We’re WINNING! We’re winners!!!! We’ve always been! So don’t you DARE let anyone make you feel otherwise! It’s our choice to LET THEM! ;) Because, at the end of the day, what does it matter if the NATION ships Bamon, as long as you do?? :)

So let the Bamon party PARTY ON, with no end in SIGHT!!!! Sorry haters, but we’re so high off the ground, WE CAN’T SEEEEEE YOU!